Best skills of Amazon Alexa in 2017

Alexa is another real example of smart home technology making it’s way into the mainstream. ¬†For an already connected home there are quite a few integrations – if you have a Nest thermostat for instance, you can tell Alexa to turn your heating up or down – you can also be specific about what rooms you want the temperature increasing.

For less connected homes there are still other uses, which over time and plenty more search R&D are set to improve significantly. Here are some uses:

  1. Ask Alexa to put a radio station or music on.
  2. Check the weather.
  3. Very bored? Ask Alexa to tell you a joke.
  4. Stuck with some mental arithmetic? Tell Alexa your numbers.
  5. Twenty questions – a game of guessing.
  6. Sync your Uber account to order taxis.
  7. National rail – check available train times.
  8. Tube info – get updates and check times.
  9. Bartender – ask Alexa how to make cocktails.
  10. Tune a guitar – Alexa will play each note.
  11. Trackr – track your iphone if you’ve lost it with Alexa’s help.
  12. Get exclusive deals from Amazon.
  13. Get recipe ideas.
  14. Check board game rules.

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